Asterisk callback

Hi all,

Im trying to implement call back feature on my current asterisk system. Requirement is tehre is a single number atatch to the SIp trunk. when we received acall via that trunk we have to hangup that call and call back that number from another sip trunk.

What is the best method to do this ?


We have just rolled out a platform for a customer solely for this purpose, We use a php callback API writen in house. This takes variables from the incoming call and submits them and a call is established via the AMI interface.


Thx for the repply. Im trying to do the job with callback.agi. But my problem is the agi is not get execute during the call. It end up with zero. :frowning:

hi ianplain,

Thx for the reply. Do you have any sample script which u do with ur customer.



There are some outthere, The system we did was as I said for a customer and we are not at liberty to give it away.

Have a google you will find many pointers as to what to do,



Thx for the clue ian. I did the job witha php callback AGI script whr i found on the internet. The system is functioning fine.

Thx again


Would you post the links that were helpfull for you?


Do you happen to know what is the best way to implement CallBack in the reverse order?

That is:

  1. Asterisk calls a user and hangs up;
  2. user calls back and the call is connected to a held (or “parked”) call



Not realy callback is it ? its more like SPIT , you are going to spam people on the hope they call you back. nice business model straight from the bottom of the pond. Don’t tell me the number they are going to call you on is a premium rate number!!



You have to write the dead agi when you hang up the call and dial back those number.