Asterisk + Call Presence and Parking


I was wondering if anyone had any advice on getting Call Presence and Call Parking with Asterisk setup easily.

I’ve seen the notes for doing parking to 701, 702 and so on. What I’m looking for is something similiar to what a Legacy PBX would offer.

Hardkey’s that are parking spots, with call presence to show that they are there.

First, is it possible.

Second, does it have specific requirements of the phone to work (if first question’s answer is yes).

Then, I was looking for a recommended server. Its only 8 telephone lines. 7 SIP trunked, 1 FXO for redundancy if voip connection fails. 12 end point extensions. So its a fairly small deployment as far as businesses go.

Thanks in advance!

Hi ActivEcks,

Yes this is possible. I have configured this with both the SNOM and Grandstream range of phones.

Enable the default call parking settings in features.conf.

You will need to add some dial plan hints for the presence in extensions.conf as so;

exten => 701,hint,park:701@parkedcalls
exten => 702,hint,park:702@parkedcalls
exten => 703,hint,park:703@parkedcalls
exten => 704,hint,park:704@parkedcalls
exten => 705,hint,park:705@parkedcalls

Set the subscribecontext = subs setting in sip.conf for your sip accounts.

Finally, program the phone to subscribe to the hints using the BLF type key.

Good luck,