Setup Parking LOT with BLF

How do I configure a parking lot with the additional function to show a BLF for parked calls. Running Asterisk How do I check this (and setup) from the CLI.

There isn’t an Asterisk 2.x series.

Actually you are right. I am running FreePBX on top of Asterisk 1.8

I suspect it can’t be done, as there is no device against which to define the hint. If it can be done, what you will get here is how to configure it in Asterisk. It may still not be possible to do it through FreePBX, or might even not be possible do it as a custom Asterisk configuration file under FreePBX.

I can tell you for base Asterisk…

In features.conf, general section, check “context”. Doesn’t matter what it is as long as you know what is is. I use the default which is “parkedcalls”.
In features.conf, general section, check “parkinghints” is set to yes.
In the Asterisk CLI, do a “core show hints”. You should see your parking lot extensions listed @ the context defined above.

Now that the hints are registered, you have to tell sip where to find them and there are a few ways to do this.
In sip.conf, check “subscribecontext”.
It has to be set to a context that can reach “parkedcalls” either by setting “subscribecontext=parkedcalls” directly or by setting subscribecontext to another context that does an “include parkedcalls”. I do the latter so subscribers can subscribe to thing other than the parking lot.


In features.conf
context = parkedcalls
parkinghints = yes

In sip.conf
subscribecontext = default

In extensions.conf
include parkedcalls

Now your phones should be able to subscribe to a parking lot extension just as they would for any other extension.

Of course you could just as easily have features.conf context point directly to “default”. The important point is that wherever you put your hints has to be reachable from sip.conf subscribecontext.