Valet Parking in a specific spot

I am so new to using Linux/Unix (whatever its called), Asterix, FreePBX, etc. I have been using 3CX for the past 7 years. Back to the subject at hand, I got the system setup but as far as call parking goes, I know with 3CX I can put a call in a specific parking spot. I have messed around with parking on Asterix/FreePBX by transferring to 70 and it puts it in spots 71-78. I am planning on using the PBX with a few customers. So i want to put the call in a specific spot. Im using FreePBX 13.0.163. It says in the Parking settings I can but when i try to do it I get a message saying there is no call in that spot. Any help or info would be appreciated. I have no clue how to edit config files or anything like that. Are there any modules that would make this work? Also programming a button on the phone would be great too. Like if I want to put the call on park 75, I press the button and it puts on 75. But the system is telling me the spot is empty and not placing the call there. I tried the attended *2 way and that works. I can stick the call in any spot I want but I have to manual dial *2 and the spot while on the call.

Use the Park() application, If you set the PARKINGEXTEN variable to a parking space extension in the parking lot, Park() will attempt to park the call on that extension. If the extension is already is in use then execution will continue at the next priority.

We can’t help with doing this with FreePBX.

Whilst the sample configuration results in 700 calling the park application (not 7, if FPBX is using 70, they re not using the sample settings), and that will park at 701 upwards (again for the sample configuration), you can explicitly set up an extension that invokes Park, and set a specific channel variable, ${PARKINGEXTEN}, before calling this to override the extension chosen. Possibly more useful in your case, is that you can define multiple parking lots, so that each tenant can have their own range. See for for details.

(You may be able to set up ${PARKINGEXTEN} on the channel and still use the internally generated Park application call.

For how to approach this on FreePBX, please ask on but please note that GUI’s generally cannot access the full power of the underlying system.