Asterisk Billing

We are having a hard time making a decision on opensource asterisk billing software due to personal favorite features and ease of implementation/configuration/integration with asterisk. I would like to hear from others what their recommendations would be and why.

I worked with asterisk2billing, but I just used it for the pre paid cards.
Now I can create pre paid cards and the billing of these cards is fine.
Asterisk2billing is complicated to install but someone in the forum of a2b gave me a guide ! (something like a guide :wink:) . when i followed it, it worked !

Hi Aicha,
Well, here what I did. Before trying to make a call, please, click on ratcard similator link, fill out those 2 boxes, and hit similate: If your settings are okay, it will diplay all the match according to the number dialed. I’m in the US, so when I want to use this similator, I tried to put in a number like 15145664569. The first digit is the extension and the rest is the phone number itselft; so let say, your tariffgroup include extension 237 (cameroon), when using the simulator tool, start your number with this extension. This was just to a easiest way to know if your settings are okay instead trying to dial a number and waiting for that layd on the phone. Now let me show you the process itself

  1. Make sure you have trunks (at least one) in the asterisk itself. I use astersik at home and this come with a web interface to create trunk. Write down the name of the trunk (let say callcentric as the trunk name); in asterisk@home, go to trunk link on the AMP web interface. Edit one entry of the trunk you created and lookfor outgoing settings. You will see trunk name entry. You need to write it down. Now if you do not have asterisk@home, these trunk suppose to be listed on sip.conf or iax.conf file (/etc/asterisk)

  2. Now since we have our trunk written down, let go to the billing system (a2billing). I’ma assuming you have Asterisk2Billing - Version 1.1.0 - Release : 7 Mar 2006

A/ click on create provider under trunk link. Go ahead and create some VoIP provider there (I create 4: let say callcentric, mutualphone, freeworld and nufone)
B/ Click on add Trunk.
VOIP-PROVIDER (select one from A above)

LABEL (give an name you want, it can be you girlfriend last name)

ADD PREFIX (to call international, my VoIP require to send 011, and is seems this is a standard, go ahead and put in this number there, if problem, remove it.)

REMOVE PREFIX (This guess will be blank if you fill out the add prefix box, again this depend to the VoIP)

PROVIDER TECH (The protoole of the trunk you write down at the very begining: SIP, IAX2 etc… )

PROVIDER IP (cmplete this entry with the trunk name callcentric on 1 above)


FAILOVER TRUNK (not defined)

You can add others trunks depending how may VoIP you have (you can do it right now or later on). Actually, I created 3 trunks

B/Move to the ratecard link. And click on create tariffgroup
Please, just create one tariffgroup, when you master this piece of software, you can create more, this will avoid confusion. So go ahead and give a name for tariffgroupname (ie: best12).

  • LC type, leave the default (LCR)
    Now the first time you create the tariffgroup, there is no TARIFPLAN link. After you confirm, and edit again the the tariffgroup, then you wil have the tariplan shows up. Please do this step at the end of the process

C/ Now it’s time to create a tariff plan. To do so, click on create NEW ratecard. Give a name to the entry TARIFFNAME (ie: you brother first name)
starting and expiration date, for now please the way they are (defaults values).
Now select the trunk name
Give a description of any kind
for DNID, leave it alone (all)
Click on confirm data and create onther TARIFF name. Actually I created 4 tarifname because I have 4 VoIP setup

D/ Now you need to add rate: So go ahead and click on add rate. Okay this form is very long. I will give you only what you need to worry about, the rest, the system will fill the empty boxes automatically.
DIALPREFIX (type in a prefix: like 1 for USA, 44 for UK 2136 for algeria Mobil etc…)
DESTINATION (ie: USA, UK, 2136 Algeria Mobile)
BUYING RATE (what the VoIP charge you: ie 0.025 )
SELLING RATE (what you charge to customer: ie 0.0Cool
START DATE and STOP DATE (leave the defaults please)
END TIME (10079)
TRUNK (chosse one from the list)

Add as much as you can for the rate, I think I have 8 rates because landline and cell phone use different rate

E/Now go back to listtariffgroup, edit the only tariffgroup you created (best12) and all all the tariffplan you created on point C and confirm.

Now create customers. They will automatically use the best12 tariffgroup as it’s the only one we created

That is it

Now go to the simulator and try. Your page will be red for sure

Let me know if this help you. Ask question if any


good luck !