Asterisk - A2Billing - SIP TRUNK!

Hi everyone!!

I’ve an Asterisk working fine with the a2billing module.

The Asterisk is connected to Mitel PBX with SIP TRUNK. So, when I want take the trunk, I dial 123 + xxxx and the call go to A2Billing.

But the calls (whatever been the dialed numbers) always get out trough A2Billing and that isn’t right, because if I dial an extension number, the calling must to go to the extension directly.

I want to know if it’s possible to define 2 routes. If the call beginning with “123” then the call it’s going to a2billing, but if I dial an extension number, so must to go to extension.

Is this possible ??

when I can define this??

What should to say the extensions context??
This my sip_additional.conf
[6000] —> Basic extension

context = a2billing

This is my extensions.conf

So, when I use the extension, doesn’t matter what I dial, always ends in the a2billing, and it always search the exit for the Trunk! (defined in A2Billing)

I imagine that should be like:
if (number = 123 + xxx) then "a2billing"
else “internal call”

How can I define that??



It is possible.
Something like:
exten => _123X.,1,Goto()

exten => _X.,1,Goto()
See Goto how works, dont miss point after X.