Asterisk and A2billing

hello everyone,

I am trying to configure asterisk to work with a2billing. I need a prepaid billing system for the extensions provisioned on my system, so I will only be billing extension to extension calls for now. I cannot seem to find any comprehensive tutorial that does this(i.e without outside connectivity billing).
Any help would be appreciated.

Please ask in the a2billing forum or use google

Hi All,
I have my database connected to asterisk and this is working but the extensions and sip peers dont get added in realtime… Does anyone have a working copy of the relevant files or canhelp me out?

The command at the CLI - “realtime mysql status” showed the database was connected plus i can make a query and it works…
i…e realtime load sippeers name Fred

The database is working but cannot get anything else to happen. Nothing is added from the database to the extensions or sippeers when i do : show sip peers