Asterisk A2billing Dialplan

Hello everyone,

I am trying to setup billing among the extensions on my system, however, it doen’t seem to work(add credit remains after call).
Also, when the attendant asks for a number dial, i am getting an error saying thatthe number is unavailable. any thoughts?


exten => 120,1,Set(CDR(accountcode)=9980951060)
exten => 120,n,AGI(a2billing.php,2)

include => a2billing
include => exts

exten => _X.,n,AGI(a2billing.php,1)

exten => 5001,1,Set(CDR(accountcode)=9980951060)
exten => 5001,n,Dial(SIP/SOFT1,15)

exten => 5002,1,Set(CDR(accountcode)=9980951060)
exten => 5002,n,Dial(SIP/SOFT2,15)

exten => _X.,1,Set(CDR(DNID)=5555${EXTEN})
exten => _X.,2,Goto(a2billing,5555${EXTEN},1)[/code]


Thanks David,

However, I checked that forum before I posted here. I have gotten no responses yet.