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Hi all
I’m searching a way to program an auto dial out with asterisk using Freepbx
For example I want that my extension 1002 be able to call my extension 2150 automaticly at 6PM.
On my extensions_custom.conf I have this:
exten => s,1,Answer
exten => s,2,NoOp(First Line)
exten => s,3,NoOP(Second Line)
exten => s,4,Dial (SIP/1002)
I want that to be able to call automaticly the extension 1002 at 6pm using the 4th line.
What is the correct syntax for this?
Amidou Florian TOURE

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There is no dialplan syntax for this; you use a cron job that does one of:

  • create a call file;
  • run originate through the Asterisk command line; or
  • run Orignate through an AMI script.

Why are you pre-answering calls to device 1002? This means any external toll calls will be billed , to the caller, even if not answered/

I’m juste making a test. The goal was to use an AGI script to program the dial.1002 is juste for testing.
We want to be able to call an external user using an IVR.
I explain : At 6pm our IVR will call you and will ask you some questions and you’ll reply.
Our external calls are OK using an openvox GSM module.
The only problem now is to be able to make an auto dial out at a specific hour

Cron job and Originate command pointing with a local channel to the IVR context

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