Dial command and freePBX

I have asterisk 1.4.13 installed with freePBX 2.3

When I observe the asterisk console as I am dialing internal extension 1600 from extension 1300 I see the following:-

– AGI Script dialparties.agi completed, returning 0
– Executing [s@macro-dial:10] Dial(“SIP/1300-08a322d8”, “SIP/1600|15|tr”) in new stack

This appears to conflict with the Asterisk book by having an extra initial argument to Dial (the extension from which the call originated).

Am I missing something, or does the Dial command differ from that in the book.


The extra argument is the incoming channel, not the incoming extension. It is an input to the code that implements the application, but is only implicit in the user interface.

The book is far from perfect (it’s largely a cut and paste from online help information, which may have been faulty at the time), but it is correct in this case.