Setting up extensions.conf to make automated outoging calls

Hi, I posted before as a newbie and continue to be new to *:

I’m trying to set up an X100P to make outgoing, prerecorded calls (kind of like those described in the wakeup examples) but I’m not sure I understand the sample config files that come with ‘make samples.’

How do I set up my extensions to dial out from the command line, etc? there are no phones connected to this machine, just the phone line.

Setup for outboud calls is easy. There are a couple different steps though. First you need to setup an extension in extensions.conf. This is setup just like you would for any other extension. Here’s a sample.

exten => 1,1,Playback(‘welcome’)

Next you need to setup a outbound call file. There should be a sample included with the source code from Asterisk. It’s in the main directory, and is called ‘’.

In the outbound call file you setup the channel to dial out on, retry information, the context, extension, priority, caller id, and dialplan variables. It’s important to note that the number you want to dial goes in the Channel field, not the extension field. The extension field is where the call is connected once it has been dialed.

The channel field is what is passed to the Dial program, so any valid settings for the dial program are valid in the channel field.


Channel: Zap/1/5555755555

After you get the outbound call file setup, you need to move ( not copy ) it to the /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing folder. It’s important you move it because if you do a copy asterisk will detect the file before it has been completely coppied. Once the file is moved there Asterisk will dial the call.

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Thanks so much!