Asterisk/asteriskgui outgoing rules on different trunks

Hi, I’ve got this configuration

Asterisk Build:
Asterisk GUI-version : 2.1.0-rc1

I’ve got some trunks configured, and I’d like that each trunk makes outgoing calls with its account (so each one of my friends pays its calls), so I’d like to add in Asterisk GUI some calling routes that allow me to do this.

I’ve read that I can filter calls: for example, I’ve to add into the dial plan of the device on extension 2040 to add “9” in front of the number, and then change asterisk outbound rates to put numbers beginning with a 9 out trunk two.

Unfortunately, I can’t understand where I’ve to put this filter, because in asteriskgui dialplan I can see only this stuff (no filter field)

Could you please help me telling how can I create these filters and outgoing calling routes?

Thanks a lot

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This isn’t really an AsteriskGUI forum.

The preferred way of doing this with Asterisk is to use CDRs and create sub-accounts on a single trunk.

If you try to register multiple times from the same address you may find that both you and your ITSP get confused.