Asterisk-gui call rule question

I have asterisk installed on my ubuntu 8.10 system w/ the asterisk-gui. Under the section Outgoing Calling Rules >> Manage Calling Rules is there a way to place multiple dial patterns under one rule, or can there only be one dial pattern per ruler?

For instance, I want to use the following patterns for toll-free calls to force with 1 of 4 trunks I have


But I can only use one of those patterns at a time w/ a rule.

Also, I have more then a dozen individual phone numbers of family/friends that I want to force with one trunk. What option would I have to create 1 outbound rule to include all those numbers?

I haven’t looked at asteriskGUI for a while, but create one rule.
Then go into extensions.conf and add your other rules under that context.

Does that work?