Help with Outgoing Calling Rules

I have a Synology DS212j which has the latest firmware.
I have a Asterisk/ and Asterisk GUI-version : 2.1.0-rc1
I’m trying to configure Asterisk with a GUI.
I created a dialplan and user.
I installed 3CX Phone and user registration was successful.
I can not make an outgoing call.
What type into the page Outgoing Calling Rules?

I’m from Polish.
Example of fixed phone number: +48 XXXXXXX
An example of a cell phone number +48 XXXXXXXXX

Please answer.
Greetings :smile:

Synology seem to be causing a problem by providing Asterisk on their appliance, but not supporting it.

You need to identify the GUI that is being used then access the forum for that GUI. Most GUI forums are on independent web sites.

Thank you for your response.

What can I do to use Asterisk on Synology? It’s possible?

I use GUI from digium, see you

Please answer. Again. :smile:

You need to get support from Synology. As they seem unwilling to provide that (as reported by a couple of other Synology users), I’d suggest getting another solution.

I believe “Asterisk GUI” is essentially dead. Even Digium use FreePBX in AsteriskNow these days. I’m not sure which forum you would use for Asterisk GUI without AsteriskNow. I don’t think many people here know anything about it.

They know even less about Synology, except that some of the people trying to substitute for Synology’s support on this forum have been reporting that configuration and logging files are not in the normal places and they have been unable to find them.