Asterisk as SIP client (register) over TCP

Hello. I need to use Asterisk as a SIP client to a provider. This provider is only able to open up a SIP server over TCP. UDP is not possible. Normally I use “register =>” in my sip.conf and it works, but only over UDP. I tried adding tcpenable and tcpbindaddr to [general] in sip.conf and also create a peer with “transport=tcp” in the same file. But it doesn’t help. When I’m looking at packets via tcpdump/wireshark, Asterisk is still sending the SIP Register packet over UDP.

Is there any way to make Asterisk send SIP REGISTER packet over TCP as a SIP client (like a softphone)?

Thank you for your help!

According to the chan_sip documentation[1] the transport has to be specified in the register line.


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Thank you @jcolp this was exactly what I needed!

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