How to setup SIP Trunk to get registered usign TCP

Hi geeks,

I’m new in Asterisk and using Astersik Win32 to get familiar with Asterisk.

I trying to register one SIP Trunk using TCP transport but it gets registered using UDP only.

I have googled and found that 1.2.24.x has some patch for TCP and by including tcpenable=yes and transport=tcp in sip.conf will do the required.
Asterisk Win32 is built with Asterisk version

Can anyone help me out if I’m missing any thing in config?


  • Mohit

Asterisk Win32 is obsolete and unsupported.

Ok David,

So, we should not post any queries regarding EoL versions. Right?

How to configure it in Asterisk version 14?

See the sample configuration file. tcpenable in general and transport where appropriate. It would normally be advisable to allow udp on incoming requests (transport=tcp,udp).

However note that chan_sip is deprecated in Asterisk 14, so you would normally want to use PJSIP, which has rather different configuration settings.

Thanks David for your help.

I got required info.
TCP is supported from version 1.6.
So, in my case, it will not work.