Asterisk as a Professional IVR?

Asterisk as a Professional IVR???

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  • Go read up on VXML instead

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Hello Everyone,

I got my Asterisk box running and so far I love it.

My question is this:

Can I use Asterisk for a professional IVR ?

I am currently using an IVR package from 2001 running on NT4.0 (LOL). It works but I get a bunch of ISDN errors with the PRIs and I experience fast busy signals 5% of the time.

I won’t need it as a PBX (I may setup a few phones for testing, but the intent is really to get an IVR going.

I’m asking because I work for a Telco and every time I encounter a professional Asterisk install at a customer, they are usually complaining about dropped calls / crashes.

My IVR program is quite complex, it’s a Telephone Dating Service and I would estimate that I have about 500 DB Reads/Writes + 200 prompts on 3 PRI’s.

Please let me know if you think the IVR Packages is strong enough to go full Prod and any comments are always appreciated.

Also, I noticed some Pearl Samples of IVR programming on the Net. Is Pearl my only option to program IVR?

Thanks a lot,



you can use Asterisk without problems for this kind of application, we use Asterisk 1.4 with 4 E1’s (Digium TE410P) on a normal HP DL360 Server with 2 Gig RAM and a seperate DB (MySQL) Server (HP DL380) without problem.

Take a look to our Live iso, that have IVAN on it, a application that handle all our IVR traffic.


You can program IVR by the dialplan way
and use MYSQL query on the dialplan
but from my experience it’s very slow and Perl agi is a better way