Asterisk as a Call Center solution?

I have been looking for Remote Contact Center Software for quite a while. As an avid user of Open Source software, I was quite excited to find Asterisk. So far, I’ve been extremely impressed with it.

Before I spend any more time reading and researching, I was hoping someone could answer a simple question for me?

“Is Asterisk a productive choice for a Remote Contact Center?”

Would I be better off going with a Closed Source option specifically designed for Contact Centers?

Thank you.

you can use Asterisk for call center solution as its alreday product best result for such solution. b4 that you need to think what your looking for like features or application area your using that solution. Also many third party application you may need to use for such solution with Asterisk.
Yes Asterisk can use for Hosted or remote contcat center solution.


Thanks for the reply! :smiley: