Asterisk Appliance keeps rebooting randomly

Hi everyone,

I have an Asterisk appliance with 8 FXO ports and firmware revision Latey it have been rebooting itself randomly and due to the way it is built I can not get any real information from it as to why. Resource usage seems to be good but I have no way of knowing where it is at the time of reboot. Doesz anyone have any thoughts on where to look or methods on how to get more logging information from it? Maybe syslog?



have you contacted Digium support?

Yes. They enabled some additional logging. I have upgraded to the most recent firmware and so far that seems to have done it. The version prior to this may be where the issue resided. He had also said that there were some issues that could cause rebooting if you had multiple ssh sessions at one time for an extended period of time but that was not the case for me.