Asterisk and X-Lite

Hi, I installed asterisk and setup 2 x-lite softphones on 2 different computers both running windows xp. The softphones send registration requests to the server, but recieve no response. Ive posted my question on … 799c0c2ca9

does anyone have any idea whats wrong? ive tried changing everything in the configuration files, different routers, ive used a crossover cable, hooking softphone to * server, to see if it will register and nothing happens. I am in the middle of trying SIPPS’ phone, but im going to call it a night right now

I have also downloaded many different port sniffers, but all of them say the ports are closed, however ethereal shows registration requests through 5060 tho, so it must be open (on my xp computer at least). The sniffers also say various other ports are closed when in fact they are open (programs are running fine)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Make sure there is no firewall on both sides (the softphone PCs and also Asterisk)

That was my problem.

If you are running Asterisk like this: asterisk -vvvvvvvvggggggcccccccc
I don’t know exactly how many letters you should have but it will show registration attempts.

If you don’t see registration attempts then something is blocking the connectivity like a Firewall or you have the wrong IP specified in the softphone config


try to make sure that the xlites are properly define first in your sip.conf files and make sure that they are on a context since this would be the reference of asterisk and would be the basis of its registration. hope this helps…

[quote=“voipnew”]asterisk -vvvvvvvvggggggcccccccc
I don’t know exactly how many letters you should have but it will show registration attempts.[/quote]

You only need one ‘g’ and one ‘c’! And probably don’t really need quite so many 'v’s.

I’d use something like:

asterisk -vvvvvgc

Well, i wouldn’t, because i don’t like to run asterisk that way. I prefer to start asterisk with:


and then i can log out of that terminal when i want and asterisk will keep running. (In reality, asterisk is started at boot time from rc.local). If i want a console, i do

asterisk -r

which will connect me to the running asterisk and give me a console. Then i’ll do

set verbose 4

to give me the equivalent verbosity as four 'v’s in the command line above.

This way, i can disconnect from asterisk, using


and asterisk will keep running in the background.