Sip trunc registration works fine with x-lite but not with a

Hello all !

Quite often I have the following problem :

the sip trunc regsitration in asterisk suddenly doesn’t work. I get such a message :

[May 20 21:04:30] NOTICE[4919]: chan_sip.c:7517 sip_reg_timeout: – Registration for ‘000387233099@DusNet82’ timed out, trying again (Attempt #25)

This happens without any restart, reload, or any kind of change. But if at this moment I try to register with x-lite to this very sip account, it works just fine.

Do you have any idea why x-lite connection works and not the asterisk connection ?

For now I just let you know that I use asterisk 1.4, I’ll give you any additinal info that you might need …

Thanks a lot for any suggestion !


What does your sip.conf look like? Do you manage the other side of the trunk, or is this though a sip provider?

Hi iceburn2003 !

Thanks for your interest in my problem.

Here is the relevant section of my sip.conf :

register => 000387814399:xxxxxxxxx@DusNet54/000387814399


And yes, the other side is managed by a sip provider (

Thanks a lot for any further considerations !


Do you get this as soon as it tries to bring up the trunk or does it work for a while then drop?

Can you ping the IP address you specified from your asterisk box when this is happening?

The only thing i noticed in your Sip.conf is that you did not specify your allowed codecs or default context, but you must have specified those in the general context that was not shown.

Hi Iceburn2003,

hmm, I will check this the next time when it happens.

See you !