Asterisk and VOIP Gateway?

I am new to asterisk. I work for a telco and hope to start providing asterisk solutions to customers to replace the equipment we currently provide to customer. We currently use comdial/vertical pbx’s. With that said, I am in the testing phase of asterisk. I hope while in testing that I can accomplish one side goal. I have read the forums and been unsuccessful in finding this question so here goes.

I live in the neighboring telco’s territory (centurytel). I want to set up an asterisk server and put a fxo line into it and then at my house over broadband place a voip gateway device, something similar to a vonage device. I would like to do nothing more than just push a dial tone to the device so that I can put a number from my switch at my house via VOIP.

Is it possible to accomplish such a task with asterisk and if so what direction should start in as far as proportioning asterisk?