Asterisk and Voice modem

I have a small LAN that consists of 2 client machines with WinXP and one gateway with FreeBSD 5.4. The gateway machine also has a Rockwell 33.6 internal modem on ISA slot (in is voice/fax/data modem). I want to use my modem as an FXO interface:

LAN <------Ethernet-----> ASTERISK+MODEM <—Analog line—> Public telephone station

So, I want clients to be able to call out through the asterisk to the city, and i want asterisk to be able to answer to the calls that come from outside.

The asterisk is now configured for these two clients. They can call each other and talk to each other.

After I have changed modem.conf, asterisk failed to start with following errors:

== Registered application 'WaitExten’
Asterisk Dynamic Loader Starting:
== Parsing ‘/usr/local/etc/asterisk/modules.conf’: Found [] => (Generic Voice Modem Driver)
== Parsing ‘/usr/local/etc/asterisk/modem.conf’: Found Jan 19 01:44:45 WARNING[34241]: chan_modem.c:432 modem_setup: Unable to autodetect modem. You’ll need to specify a driver in modem.conf. Please report modem identification (US V2.200-V34_ACF_DP1) and which driver works to
Jan 19 01:44:45 WARNING[34241]: chan_modem.c:811 mkif: Unable to configure modem '/dev/cuaa1’
Jan 19 01:44:45 ERROR[34241]: chan_modem.c:1011 load_module: Unable to register channel '/dev/cuaa1’
Jan 19 01:44:45 WARNING[34241]: loader.c:414 __load_resource: load_module failed, returning -1 Jan 19 01:44:45 WARNING[34241]: loader.c:499 load_modules: Loading module failed!



type=autodetect (i also tried bestdata and aopen. During startup it says that there is no driver for bestdata/aopen)


device => /dev/cuaa1

;dtmfmode=asterisk ; Detect using Asterisk

What is the problem? Do i have to use zaptel? If yes, then there is another problem: The build failes becouse it looks for linux header files and can’t find them. The same is with zapata library

Thank you in advance for your answers