Asterisk and ViaTalk

We have an Asterisk server with 3 SIP accounts with ViaTalk. Unfortunately, whenever an outbound call is made, we get a “480 Temporarily Unavailable (Call Limit)” error and the call cannot get through. Since we have 3 accounts, we should have 6 channels and from watching the traffice we rarely have more than 3 people dialing out, so why would our Call Limit be exceeded? Has anyone else had this issue?

Viatalk is probably limiting access from a single particular IP address.

If a connection is in progress from a particular IP point of origin, the system stops any new connections from that same IP.

Check with Viatalk. They might be able to open it up for you.

I have had a couple of tickets open with them, and they seem to think the issue is originating from my end. Which might be the case, but when I restart SIP or the Asterisk server, the connection at ViaTalk doesn’t reset.

I checked my call log at ViaTalk and it doesn’t show any calls after 10/7/05, which is when we started getting the error. So if the connection was reset, I should see calls in between lock ups, if the call limit was truly still being exceeded.