General call limit

Dear * users,

I am actually in front of a problem. I am using 2 different gateways (different hardware) and with one of them I can handle about 600 channels (sometimes less, sometimes more) but on the other one, it looks like being blocked at maximum 200 channels (100 calls).

I know there is an option in sip.conf for each sip account where you can limit call number, but here, each limit being set to 180, it is impossible to be blocked at 200.

Maybe it is an hardware limitation, but as it is set to 200 max and never more, I doubt it and think it’s a configuration limitation set in a file… but where ? :smile:

So … if someone know if it is possible to set a general call limit for each gateway (not for each sip account), so I can remove it, would you be so kind letting me know about it ?

Thank you very much !

I don’t like doing this, but I need to up this subject as it’s a priorityto solve / find a solution for this :smile: