Can only get 5 concurrent calls at a time

Hello all,

Trying to see if someone can point me into the right direction with this issue.

I am running into an issue where I am only able to place 5 concurrent calls from Asterisk and on the 6th call I get "Everyone is busy/congested at this time(1:0/0/1). I recreated the build as I wanted to see if it was a config issue with the production build, but it seems that I am only able to get up to 5 concurrent calls no matter which system I dial out of. I can have both systems running and only 5 calls are able to go out between both of them. Provider I am using states they allow up 75 concurrent calls, and I have a friend that is using the same provider and is able to get more than 5 concurrent calls out. We checked our pjsip and extensions file and the only difference is the account credentials and Ext: numbers being used. I am running the lastest version of asterisk 20.6.0.

I checked asterisk.conf and there is nothing in that file that is limiting the calls (maxcalls line is not present)

If you’re using a SIP provider then the call is likely rejected, so showing a SIP trace using “pjsip set logger on” would show what they responded to. It’s most likely the provider though.

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I’m getting a 401 on the 6th call, and only on the 6th call. I believe its the provider as well, but they say its not them. Weird thing is my buddy is using the same provider and he is not running into this issue.

401 is not an error. It is a request to authenticate, and you should be getting it for every call.

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Looking at SNGREP on the 6th call I get "SIP/2.0 403 Too Many Calls (M4)’

@david551 apologizes. Didn’t realize that.

Well then, that would be your provider saying there’s too many calls.

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LOL…Yes, it does seem like its them.

Still dont understand how, and how the other person with same setup same provider is able to pull more than 5 calls.

On Monday 04 March 2024 at 17:21:35, DankReefer via Asterisk Community wrote:

LOL…Yes, it does seem like it’s them.

Still don’t understand how, and how the other person with same setup same
provider is able to pull more than 5 calls.

Maybe they’re paying the provider more, to get more concurrent calls?

Maybe they just asked for more, whereas 5 is the default? The provider would
still charge you for the 6th call if you were able to place it.

What happens if you place the 6th call inbound instead?


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They are not paying any more for additional calls. We both pay at the same rate. he is going to send me a copy of his build and I will try it on my end to see if I can get a 6th call. he was up to 15 when testing the system out.

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