Connect Asterisk to a Intertel System

I would like to connect our AA@H system to an Existing Intertel Phone system. Has anyone gotten this to work and what is the easiest way?

If possible it does not have to call each extention if the intertel people call asterisk the Digital receptionist would be fine to answer , the same with intertel . Please let me know


I was able to take calls from out house inter-tel (through the SIP server) but was unable to get SIP to route calls from the * box.
Do you have SIP?
I hear the 7k is pure SIP with SIP trunking!

you might be right i have to do some digging around in the system. i see it takes g.729 and rpc this would be sweet if it works.

still having trouble with this. does anyone have documentation on how to do this?

What Inter-Tel are you wanting to network to? Axxess? 5000? What version?
And, do you have the Inter-Tel SIP server?
You could always TIE them together with analog or digital trunks, but i think it can be done via SIP.

I have access with a Voip card. im not 100% sure about everything. But what ideas do you have?