Asterisk ami issue with asternet

Hi Team,

We have been facing a problem, where , when the server that sends action to asterisk ami, is restarted, asterisk service also needs to be restarted, otherwise, no actions are received on ami.

This issue is faced in Asterisk certified/13.8-cert2, and Asterisk 13.6.0.

The service has nothing to do with Asterisk itself. Can you use ssh …@… “systemctl restart asterisk.servce”, or somthing similar?

I am using “systemctl restart asterisk.service” for restarting asterisk.After restarting asterisk, and reloading all configuration files of asterisk, it starts working fine.

Fine. But why is it necessary to restart Asterisk? You description is rather brief, but you are essentially saying that the reason is not Asterisk itself, but the other box that communicates via the manager with Asterisk.

I am not sure of all the asterisk configurations, but is it related any configuration of httptimeout, on http.conf or manager.conf, that is causing this, as when the server is restarted, no actions or activity is received by ami, and maybe so it is closing the manager connection?

There are likely other ways to handle that. I’ll have a closer look at this later.

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