AMI Restart command strangeness in 1.8

I have an app that issues ami commands among other things but I noticed that the restart command was not hanging up calls so I logged in via Telnet with same credentials to issue some commands manually while watching CLI on the server.

Action: Reload This reloads just like cli and I see the files loading on cli

Action: Reboot This reboots the server - fine

Action: Restart On Cli I see
"remote UNIX connection"
“remote UNIX connection disconnected”

BUT cli does not disconnect and calls are not dropped so I do not think that Asterisk actually restarted.
Any ideas what is going on here?


There are multiple ways of restarting an Asterisk server. One way is also that Asterisk waits for all the calls to finish before it restarts. Perhaps you issued this command. Looking at the CLI you have:

core restart now - restart right away
core restart gracefully - restart after active calls finish

I am not sure how AMI is handling this.

AMI only has one restart command - there are no qualifiers like ‘Now’ or 'Gracefully".

It appears to be doing something since I see in CLI
"remote UNIX connection"
“remote UNIX connection disconnected”

But it does not hang anybody up so I don’t think it is actually restarting at all.