AMI stuck after a few days of usage in asterisk certified 11.6-13

I am using asterisk certified 11.6-13 with a java server over AMI. Everything works fine at start and I am able to send AMI messages. After a few days asterisk suddenly stops responding to AMI requests, and it doesn’t send the protocol version. If I use telnet to log in to the manager port (5038) just after starting asterisk I am getting the protocol identifier:

telnet localhost 5038
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is ‘^]’.
Asterisk Call Manager/2.8.0

However, I don’t get the Asterisk Call Manager/2.8.0 line if I log in after a few days. How can I solve this? Should upgrading help?


This specific problem does not ring a bell in my memory, but the version is quite old so without going through history it’s hard to know. Upgrading to a supported version would allow you to report it as a problem (if using certified you would need a support agreement to receive the change in a certified release) though and may resolve it.