Asterisk advise

I am new to Asterisk, if i dont have the voip card, can i still implement the asterisk solution?

what is the most reliable voip card to be use for the asterisk PABX system?

Asterisk can be a total VOIP solution, a TDM solution, or some combination of the two.

The cards that people put into their Asterisk PBX are used to connect their Asterisk system to the standard telephone network. You don’t need any of them if all you want to do is VOIP.

If all you want to do is setup a system to learn the software, you can do that without any of the cards that people might buy.

You don’t even need any telephones. You can use VOIP SIP phone software. Do a google search for SJphone or X-Lite, and you’ll find software you can use to connect to the Asterisk PBX to place and receive calls.