Asterisk 21. How to create a predictive dialer?

Hello. I need a help to create a predictive dialer, that means a dialer call to some number, when answered connect an agent from the defined queue to the call.

A predictive dialler is rather more than that, at least in most countries. For example you generally can’t queue for the agent. The system has to ensure that it doesn’t start a call unless it is very likely that the agent will be available immediately when the callee answers. There are usually legal limits on the proportion of calls that can fail to immediately connect to an agent.

E.g see £2m silent calls fine in force tomorrow - GOV.UK

There is a, FreePBX, I think, based, predictive dialler for Asterisk, but I don’t know how legally compliant it is, and I always misread its name, given that predictive dialling is often used for calling people who haven’t given prior permission, which is illegal in many places, but still accounts for most of my incoming domestic phone calls. “predictive” refers to predicting when an agent will become free.

You might be able to use the queue application, but you should configure not to allow a queue to develop.

How can I use a Queue application? Do you have any example?

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