Asterisk-16__No Astrisk.CTL File

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I have installed Asterisk-16.12.0 on VMWare. The install went well I thought, but when I use the command:$ Asterisk -r, I get " Does var/run/asterisk/asterisk.ctl even exist? " When I check that directory, the file is not there. I did quick file search; nothing. Anybody see this before? All comments are appreciated.

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Did you mistype the path in your post or does it really not have a leading (absolute) slash?

Is Asterisk running?

Are you running 'asterisk -r' as root (or the user Asterisk executes as)?

What OS?

Where does the 'astrundir' setting in 'asterisk.conf' say it should be?

Starting Asterisk as 'sudo /usr/sbin/asterisk [-C <path-to-your-asterisk.conf>] -c -d -d -d -d -d -d -v -v -v -v -v -v' may yield some clues. You can ‘capure’ the output using the 'script' shell command.

Does the Asterisk CLI command 'core show settings' show anything interesting at 'Run/Sockets directory'?

yes I mistyped. /var/run/asterisk/asterisk.ctl

The asterisk.conf file has nothing in it about " astrundir " settings.

I can not start asterisk to get to Asterisk CLI.

From what directory do I issue sudo /usr/sbin/asterisk etc. i issued it from root and it just sat there. Nothing happened.

Also. being real new, I am ignorant about script shell commands.

Thank you for the assist. I appreciate it.


asterisk.ctl is created by the daemon part of Asterisk when it is running. It’s not existing means that either the daemon is not running, or it didn’t have the permission to create the file.

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