Asterisk 11 hangupcause 19


At our customer we have asterisk 11.22.0, which is connected with GSM GW Yeastar TG400. When employee place a call to mobile network and there is no answer, in Dialstatus we have NOANSWER, Hahgupcause 19, but in CDR field DISPOSITION is FAILED.

On GW GSM.Sip Response code for “no response” is 483.

We would like to have in CDR NOANSWER not FAILED.

Any solution?

PS: on asterisk Asterisk 13.7.0 everything is OK


Well you need to take a look on the cli to see why you are receiving that Failed, if you are using a canned version based on FreePBX then you need to edit the hangupcause macro. If you are using plain asterik then edit your dialplan accordingly