Generate noanswer

How can I generate the No answer response? I cannot find a suitable application (the same kind as Congestion, Busy). In case an endpoint is unavailable (softphone unplugged) and no redirect phone is specified I would like to attempt to call for some time and then say the subscriber is away (that is, issue noanswer).

The Hangup dialplan application allows specifying an ISDN cause code, which is mapped back to the protocol specific representation. According to the mappings wiki page[1] a cause code of 19 may result in a 480 SIP response. Whether this will actually do what you want or not, I do not know.


Thank you very much!

If terminating calls this way there is no record in the CDR table. How can I force to write information about the call?

The only thing that comes to mind is the unanswered option[1] not being set to “yes”.


Thank you. It helped.

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