Dialer Disposition

I have built a outbound system wherein I do calling through GSM gateway and PRI lines too.
I need to capture proper disposition of each calls like Noanswer,busy,reject,switchedoff
hence I used ${HANGUPCAUSE} however this is giving me 16 only everytime on gsm gateway calling.

is there any other which i need to use

Have you try ${DIALSTATUS}

thanks for reply…yes I : ${DIALSTATUS} however it does not return correct disposition means

NOANSWER should come when we dial someone and he/she doest not answer the phone after complete ring however sometimes it comes NOANSWER but sometime CHANNELUNAVIL/CANCEL

same happens in case of BUSY

Is this a SIP to GSM gateway? If so, the problem lies in the gateway. If it is not SIP, it may be in the channel technology driver, but chan_dongle is community maintained and it is unlikely there will be anoney here with detailed knowledge.

Note that DIALSTATUS is derived from HANGUPCAUSE, and whehter the call was ever answered, so wont really tell you more than HANGUPCAUSE.

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