Asterisk 1.6.26 Upgrade and install problem

I recently upgraded a fully functional system from 1.4.29 to and lost the ability to pickup an incoming call. It behaved like it had a firewall issue but I made no changes to the firewall. Here’s what happens.

[ul]A call comes in on a SIP trunk from an outside phone/number.
The phones(s) ring but when you pick them up the ringing continues for the inbound caller.
The answering phone gets dead air
CLI shows the call being answered
If the ring-time is exceeded it goes to voice mail but the caller doesn’t get prompts, it just keeps ringing
The extension that answered gets a blank voice mail

The system is on Ubuntu 9.10. It worked perfectly on 1.4.29. The 1.6.26 upgrade was roll your own from the source with latest 1.6.x tools.

I fought with it for 2 days and gave up. I did my usual install, from the source, on a newly built Ubuntu 9.10 using and YES it has the exact same problem.

The original system was it’s own firewall and router using IP tables. The new build is behind a cheap D-link router with all the right ports open or forwarded. I wanted to make it simpler since I have to have 1.6 for multiple parking lots and T38. But it’s doing the exact same thing.

Has anyone seen this problem? Are there any differences in sip_nat that I should know about for

I acutally built a 1.6x demo on a netbook a couple versions/months ago but I can’t see anything different when I compare to this latest system.