How to videocall / conference

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Can anyoane help me with an Asterisk Video Calling or Conferencing How To ?

Or to guide in this way ?

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On Asterisk 1.4+

You must enable in the sip.conf
videosupport=yes ; enable Asterisk video support

Then add the supported codec in your sip.conf for each endpoint.

callerid=Video Phone <2005>
disallow=all ; better for custom-tunning codec selection
allow=h263 ; H.263 is our video codec
allow=h263p ; H.263p is the enhanced video codec
dtmfmode=rfc2833 ; inband is not supported in compressed codecs like gsm, so we better set it to rfc2833
canreinvite=no ; canreinvite must be set to 'no’

Be aware that once you enable this that if canreinvite = no. You are taking all of the video traffic onto your asterisk server. This is can be quite a bandwidth hit. I am posting some questions about VIDEO and NAT to see if there is any way arround this. There is also an option to cap the bandwidth that each endpoint can push on the video side (maxcallbitrate=384).

Hope this helps… You can search google on Asterisk+videosupport and there is more info out there that may help as well.

P.S. You are posting the same question time and time again. I would ask that if you don’t get an answer please post a response that you are still looking for help rather than cramming the list with the same question. Thanks

Thank you for youre response. This is what im looking for .
I even subscribed on Astersik-Video mailing but nothing.

Thank you once again.I`ll try the conf settings that you send it.

PS : Sorry for multiple posts but Im thinking that not all the people are visiting all sections and also Im thinking that if oane man who entered on single category can solve my problem.

Thanks againt for you`re help

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I am watching this topic so. If you need any more help post here and I will try to assist if I can.


I just found this post and reply… and as we are in a similar situation, I have another question.

As we are still running asterisk 1.2.23 (because of hardware and driver/OS issues related to the ISDN cards), I don’t know if video is even supported, so just wanted to check.

Every time we try to set up a call between 2 gxv-3000’s, we get a line like:

WARNING[2819]: chan_sip.c:3675 process_sdp: Unknown SDP media type in offer: video 5006 RTP/AVP 34

in the astersik console…

The video support line is enabled in sip.conf and the appropriate codecs are set for the devices… but no video…
Voice is OK using several codec choices…

Anyone an idea in how to solve this one?