Video Configuration Help


I’m trying to configure Asterisk to connect a sip soft video phone to a Polycom HDX video conferencing unit. Audio works fine, but I get no video. I’ve uncommented videosupport=yes to the sip.conf file. When I turn on verbose debugging in the console, I see a messages that show both endpoints support H264 codecs, but only the audio codec is chosen.

Am I missing something? Do I need to recompile Asterisk with a special flag or do more than just set the videosupport flag?

you should post your sip.conf with passwords and such blanked out for us to see.

But you might want to check, videosupport is not a global feature, it has to be enabled for each user. i would check that first if you havent already.

Hi, this was something I ran into as well.
Credits go to craigB for finding a solution and sharing it with us at the URL given below.

To REALLY suport Video in 1.6.x you have to patch ./channels/chan_sip.c
(taken from … t4048.html)
change function sip_result_add_sdp (about half way down the function) to the following :

  • Ok, we need video. Let’s add what we need for video and set codecs.
    Video is handled differently than audio since we can not transcode. /
    if (needvideo) {
    ********************* CHANGE STARTS /
    Comment out the original code - which seems to be referencing the (wrong at this place!!) video destination port /
    ast_str_append(&m_video, 0, “m=video %d RTP/AVP”, ntohs(vdest.sin_port)); /
    Add This line to reference the video source port /
    ast_str_append(&m_video, 0, “m=video %d RTP/AVP”, ntohs(vsin.sin_port));
    CHANGE ENDS ******************/

This was, what saved my life and made video immediatedly working for me (after pulling my hairs out and knocking my head on the desk after hours of testing and googling …
Hope it will help you as well.