Video Calling doesn't seem to work

I am new here, if I do something wrong, please let me know :slight_smile:.

I am sitting with a problem that has kept me busy for most of the day.

After the installation of Asterisk I have made my first calls.
Everything seems to be in order.

The next step is the video call option.
Somehow I cant get my finger around this on.

my sip.conf

videosupport = yes
allow = gsm
allow = alaw


my extensions.conf

exten =>  _X000,1,NoOp(First Line)
same  =>       n,dumpchan()
same  =>       n,NoOp(Second Line)
same  =>       n,Dial(SIP/${CALLERID(dnid)}/${CALLERID(dnid)})
same  =>       n,Hangup

Making a call works from all 7 extensions.
Just the video part doesn’t work yet.

I have checked the whole output of the sip logs.

The only output of video that I see is this.

m=video 0 RTP/AVP 116

Anybody a clue?
Thank you in advance.

Video is being rejected by the side you quote. As you only quote this and not an offer, I assume the phone is not offering video, or is starting the call with video disabled.

Also note this information is not complete without the line that defines what codec 116 is.

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At this moment we are using Zoiper.
Indeed, when we start the call the video is disabled.
After the call is answered we switch to video call.

Maybe this would be the problem.

It seems like there is not a video call option for Zoiper (at least the free option)
Could you suggest any other sip applications that we can use for our developing process.

Thank you :slight_smile:

This makes me wonder the following.
It must be possible to switch between a call and video call right.

Is this also available in Asterisk?

Asterisk does not currently support switching mid-call. The call has to start with video.

That’s a clear answer.
Thank you!

What would be the best client in your opinion to test the video call options.
We are mainly focusing on mobile phones.

I use this old school


Thank you!

At this moment we have made video work.
It was indeed a problem with the mid-call.

We have also found the perfect clients to test the system.
For the desktops we use x-lite and for our mobile phones we use portsip.
Here video seems to work also.

Thank you guys for the help :smile: