Asterisk 1.4 users.conf reference needed

I’ve installed Asterisk 1.4 and have a question regarding the new users.conf file.

This is what I have in my users.conf:

secret = secret
provider =
trunkstyle = customvoip
username = 1548181
trunkname = Custom - MySIP
callerid = 1548181
hasexten = no
hassip = yes
hasiax = no
registeriax =
registersip = yes
host =
dialformat = ${EXTEN:1}
context = DID_trunk_1
group =
insecure = invite
fromuser = 1548181
fromdomain =

Now I see my registration with my provider’s proxy as 's@192.168.x.x".
How can I get rid of the ‘s’ ? What is the new equivalent to the old syntax mentioned in sip.conf:

register => 2345:password@sip_proxy/1234

Where can I put ‘1234’ in the users.conf trunk definition?


The ‘s’ typically is an indication of idenity if not username.

I don’t think thats something you can get rid of in Asterisk… try toying with the SIP phone on the other end.

Then again I could be wrong :confused: