How to move away from Users.conf

I am moving from Asterisk 1.4 to 11 (and eventually 13).
My phone extension numbers are defined in users.conf. I undersantd that users.conf is being deprecated/replaced/or no longer used.
I see half of the settings are in sip.conf. Ok, I can move them there.
But what about the other half?

The following setting are in my users.conf, and do not seem to be in sip.conf. Where should they be defined?
transfer = yes
has_voicemail = no
vmsecret = 510
email =
transfer = yes
threewaycalling = no
hasdirectory = no
callwaiting = no
hasmanager = no
hasagent = no
hassip = yes
hasiax = no
autoprov = no
hasvoicemail = yes

Thanks much for your assistance,

has_voicemail,vmsecret,email,hasdirectory and hasvoicemail all translate to an entry in voicemail.conf

hasmanager would translate to an entry in manager.conf

hasagent would translate to an entry in agents.conf

hasiax would translate to an entry in iax.conf

I believe autoprov has to deal with phone provisioning, I think there is a setting in SIP.conf for this where you specify the phoneprov profile to use and the mac address of the phone.

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Thanks much John,
I will look into each of the setting in the .conf files you suggested.
Thanks again,