SIP register to SIP-trunk


I’m using asterisk 1.6. From our SIP-trunk provider we got user, password etc.
The problem is that their user includes an ‘@’.
user = xxx@aaa.bbb
secret = yyy

The the syntax:
register => user[:secret[]]@host[:port][/extension]
is confused with:
register => fromuser@fromdomain:secret:authuser@host:port/extension

So asterisk tries to register
user = xxx
fromdomain = aaa.bbb

I would like somehow send the register string:
register => 'xxx@aaa.bbb’:yyy@host:port/extension

Any ideas?

I don’t think that is SIP.

after ‘@’ sign it should be the host name.

You could see if it accepts %40 instead of @. That would be the only vaguely legal way of doing it.

Aha, that was promising but it did not work unfortunately.
Thaks anyway!