Asterisk 1.4 and IMAP voicemail storage

There have been several postings related to IMAP storage using UW Client. Most have no resolution, as far as I can tell. In the past, I had it working, I thought, on a beta version using an existing IMAP server on the same subnet. I have not been successful with 1.4.2. If I define authuser and authpassword in the voicemail.conf, Asterisk never tries to log in to the mailserver, complaining about not being able to access the mailbox. The Dovecot mail server logs nothing. If I put the username and password on a per-user basis, eliminating the “auth” username, it sort of works. Asterisk can save and retrieve messages to the correct account, but it does not give any notification of voicemail messages. Voicemailmain correctly reports the number of messages. It also crashes if I try to record message using “mailbox options”. As to the authentication, I can telnet into Dovecot and login sucessfully with TLS or NOTLS. Admin user or regular user. I can also correctly access the mail server with PHP scripts using php-5.1.6-3 with my PHP compiled (rpmbuild from src RPM) with the same UW client code. I am sure I must be doing something wrong, but it is a fight.

Anyway, my question is does ANYONE have asterisk-1.4 working correctly with IMAP voicemail storage? If so, could you please tell me the mail server used, mailbox format, linux version, etc.

I am using Centos4.4 on a P4-2.4G machine, 512M ram. Dovecot 1.0.1-rc19. UW imap-2006E client. Asterisk-1.4.2 release. Thanks all.

Do you have IMAP storage working with dovecot? I am to the point where I can see the asterisk server log into the dovecot server in the logs but when I leave a voicemail it does not show up in my IMAP inbox or any other folder. The only warning I get from asterisk is that it is using {PLAIN} auth on dovecot.
In the dovecot.conf I cannot put master = yes for the passdb because then dovecot will not start.
Any help would be appreciated.