Stability of IMAP voicemail?

In search the archives I see lots of comments about problems with IMAP voicemail support from several months (and versions ago). What’s the current state of IMAP support in Asterisk 1.4.10?

Is it stable? Is it useful? Is it ready for production use?


I am currently using IMAP with dovecot server and I have not had any problems. I am trying to get it to work with MS Exchange and still run into problems with that but with dovecot it seems to work.
Hope this helps.


Great to hear it! Is your IMAP server on the same box as Asterisk? Assuming it isn’t, have you had any problems with the Asterisk Voicemail if the IMAP server goes down or is unavailable for a short time?

How does Asterisk handle if it can’t contact the IMAP server. I love the idea of using IMAP because it’d solve a couple of specific problems for me. I’m just nervous about the voicemail reliability.

Thanks for the info!

Well, right now Dovecot and Asterisk are running on the same box. I am wanting to move it off. But when I stop Dovecot Asterisk Voicemail stops working. I have not played around with it an awful lot to find out if i could use Sendmail as a backup option if IMAP fails.


With the old system, even if voicemails didn’t get delivered you could still listen to them from the phone since the voicemails were stored as files on the hard drive and then also emailed.

With the IMAP stuff, I gather that the voicemails are only stored on the server and if that server is down you’ll lose the voicemail? What does the caller hear when the IMAP server is unavailable? Do they at least know that the voicemail wasn’t saved? Does the error occur before or after they try to leave a message (I’m assuming after)?

Thanks for all the information!