Asterisk 1.4.24, How to reset Queue Statistics?


I am running Asterisk 1.4.24 and have been trying to find a way to reset queue statistics each morning.

The only method I have found to achieve this is to restart the Asterisk service but this is not an option.

Does anybody know of a CLI command or Asterisk Manager Interface command that will do this :question:

Many thanks,


It seems that reloading the queue module is supposed to reset the statistics…

module reload

In my case this doesn’t work. I am using realime queues so I tried module reload extconfig too but this still didn’t work.

I found this bug report but no solution…

The only way I can reset the stats is to restart the asterisk service.

I’ll keep looking but if anyone knows of a solution or that this isn’t possible, please share.


A reload of the module or asterisk should do it.

But to be honest I wouldnt use the log file anyway you need to be writing the stats to a DB and using that, Its a lot more robust.