Queue statistics resetting

We have a number of queues (30 - 40), and when one of the queue managers makes a change to the queue.conf file… all the queues statistic reset!! quite annoying!

  • queue.conf has keepstats = yes
  • featreus like persistentmembers works fine
  • asterisk version 1.8 (cant remember the full version no).
  • we issue “queue reload all” to reload the queue.conf

Is there a bug, or are we reloading the queue.conf incorrecty, or what else coud be the issue here?
How do it get the queue configuration and its members to reload without wiping out the entire oganisations queue stats?

So… after going through the code, it seems the the setting to keep the real-time stats really was taken out… there are options for reloading the members only, but that doesn’t help if the change you made was in the configuration of the queue, or if you added a queue. The queue reloading in asterisk- is just dreadful.

Real-time queue statistics is an absolute must! and can’t come from the queue log because the lag time in processing the data (say in a cron job) is just too high, and you can’t request the data from the log on each request (for enterprise environments).


Use a system like Asternic or queuemetrics.