Asterisk 1.2.16 and 1.4.1 now available!

New tarballs are up on the ftp site. Users are urged to upgrade due to a security issue that has been fixed in these versions. Along with this there has been a great improvement with SLA’s in 1.4.1.

Since SLA is clearly working as part of * 1.4.1, it should be included in * 1.2.17 for those of us that still prefer that version and since 1.4 seems to be a bit more buggy and a little scary for a lot of people at the moment.

i think you’ll find there is a policy of not including new features in “old” versions, regardless of how popular they still are. in fact, you’ll probably find that new features won’t be included in 1.4 but in 1.6 … which should be out in about 4 months :smiley:

I highly doubt that that :smile:

john, i guess the 6-month release cycle is history for now then :smiley:

Hehe, well thats their goal but as you see with 1.4, it was released months after it was suppose to be.

i always thought it was ambitious, and maybe decided on a bit too much in the heat of the 1.2 release. annual releases would seem to be much more sensible.

still … asterisk-1.2.17, asterisk-1.4.2 and zaptel-1.2.16 are all available now !!

this question is goingto sound dumb but is there a good single place to look resource for the changelog in each release? that way It is easiest to make an educated decision on whether to upgrade or not. granted I dont have any of these on customer;s sites in production YET but with all the Legacy PBX work i do those companies provide detailed changelogs and I can decide if an upgrade is needed on a per customer basis if a change applies.

try … the changelogs should be there.

not convinced by the “SIP vulnerabilities” yet … like some aren’t convinced about the last ones found :wink: