Asterisk 1.2.17 and 1.4.2 now available

Also Zaptel 1.2.16 was released yesterday. Everyone is urged to update due to more Sip vulnerabilities found.

Does * 1.2.17 have shared line appearance on it now?

The 1.2 code base will never have this. It’s only available in 1.4 code base.

Does AsteriskNow at least have the SLA feature? And does it allow one upload pre-configured conf files/settings and audio files instead of trying to have one create them in there.

Yes it supports SLA since it’s based on the 1.4 code. Yes you can upload pre-configured .conf and sound files via ssh/ftp.

Thanx for the response. Can you please post details on how to upload conf and sound files into AsteriskNow or direct me to where I can find it online or something. Also where can I find the SLA configuration on *Now? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

For some reason *Now won’t let me log on anymore; might be a bug.

I like the fact that AsteriskNow allows one to be able to configure more than one NIC on the box (unlike * other commercial software such as Fonality) but I think it still needs the ability to be able to enter a range of ports to open on the firewall as opposed to entering one port number at a time.