Asteerisk NOW - calls over the internet

Hello all ,

I am having a difficultysetting up the Asterisk NOW server for use over the internet.To be more specific , My server is behind a router (which gives a 192.168.x.x /24 address) in a student campus (which again is served by another router) My question is how do i set up the server and the client such that i can make calls over the internet ,and not just the internal network (the 192.168.x.x/24).What changes must be done in the GUI ?Thank you very much

For what has to be done with the GUI, please ask on

If not using the GUI, there is a large comment in sip.conf.sample explaining the options for using Asterisk from inside A NATted netowrk.


Thank you for your pointers.Unfortunately i can’t seem to register on that forum.Can you please point out some relevant threads ? Or help me with registering on that forum ?